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Directed by director Alik Sakharov ,Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes Released in 2015,13 total hits so far,An plot,action,short film,history movie starring Benedict Wong,Tom Wu,Lorenzo Richelmy and others,The film tells Beforehelosthissight.BeforehepledgedhisservicetoKublaiKhan.HundredEyessawwhatmadehimintothedeadlyassassinwhotrainsMarcoPolo.
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Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes
A defiant warrior-monk arrives at Kublai Khan's court in chains and soon earns his tragic nickname in this 30-minute origin story.
Shadow and Bone - The Afterparty
Stars of Netflix's "Shadow and Bone" discuss the show's epic combat scenes, answer some fan questions and play an "Army vs. Crows" trivia game.
Creating an Army of the Dead
Zack Snyder and his "Army of the Dead" team dive into the film's wild stunts, groundbreaking effects and the evolution of the zombie genre.
Making All Quiet on the Western Front
Go behind the scenes of Edward Berger’s WWI epic and see how the cast and crew crafted its amazing authenticity — from the sets to the SFX prosthetics.
Valley of the Dead
During the Spanish Civil War, a small group of sworn enemies must work together when they encounter flesh-eating zombies created in a Nazi experiment.
A mysterious loner living a quiet life with her dog battles the elements and her own dark past when a neighbor's little girl is kidnapped during a storm.
In a post-apocalyptic near-future, a researcher at an AI lab leads the effort to end a civil war by cloning the brain of a heroic soldier — her mother.
The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure
A gutsy crew of Joseon pirates and bandits battle stormy waters, puzzling clues and militant rivals in search of royal gold lost at sea.
End of the Road
Recently widowed mom Brenda fights to protect her family during a harrowing road trip when a murder and a missing bag of cash plunge them into danger.
When Heroes Fly
Years after a bitter falling out, four Israeli military veterans reunite and travel to Colombia in search of a loved one they'd presumed to be dead.
  • 片名:Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes
  • 状态:已完结
  • 主演:Benedict Wong Tom Wu Lorenzo Richelmy 
  • 导演:Alik Sakharov  
  • 年份:2015
  • 地区:USA
  • 类型:plot action short film history 
  • 频道:7.7
  • 上映:未知
  • 语言:English
  • 更新:2023-08-29 14:29
  • 简介:Beforehelosthissight.BeforehepledgedhisservicetoKublaiKhan.HundredEyessawwhatmadehimintothedeadlyassassinwhotrainsMarcoPolo.
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